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Booking essential before visiting Telynau Teifi in Llandysul
The Telynau Teifi team is dedicated to helping you make the best choice of instrument. It is ESSENTIAL to book an appointment in the first instance on 01559 363 222 so that our experienced staff can give you their undivided attention.
Why is Telynau Teifi such a special company to deal with?
Because we are the ONLY harp company in Wales, and the UK, specifically set up as a Community Enterprise Business. When you buy a Telynau Teifi harp, you are supporting our work as The Harp Centre of Wales, keeping harp making alive in the heart of Wales.
BBC's Escape to the Country come to film in Llandysul
Jonnie Irwin from 'Escape to the Country' has his first harp lesson with our very own Eleri Turner and learns a bit about the harp making process from Allan Shiers.
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Harps are very important to Wales. The harp's musical heritage is deeply and passionately entrenched in Welsh culture, and the harp is undoubtedly our national instrument.

With this precious legacy in mind, The Harp Centre of Wales aims to ensure that harp-making skills are kept alive, and actually thrive, in Wales - the home of the harp.

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